How to Set Meaningful Goals

One of the signs of a healthy life is to have goals. We all want certain things in life. They can range from the most minor of things to the major ones. These things we aim for in life become our goals. However, a goal needs to be meaningful; it has to have strong intention behind it. Goals that arise from the core of your heart have better chances of becoming realized.

Almost every healthy person has goals in life. On the other hand, it is quite common to hear people complaining that they can’t seem to achieve them. There could be lots of reasons why someone is unable to reach their goals. However, one of the major problems is that people lack meaning and intention behind them.

A lack of solid intention can give rise to procrastination. As a result, we have goals but that is what they remain all the time. In order to bring more meaning and contentment to life, we need to set meaningful goals through strong intentions.

4 Simple Tips for Setting Meaningful Goals:   

Document It

There is a great power to the written word. Whenever you decide on a certain goal, write it down. Write about the goal somewhere you are bound to read it frequently like a diary or journal. This way you will never forget about the goal.

Smart Goals

Setting smart goals is often taught in terms of business. However, we can apply the same rules to our general life goals as well. Smart stands for setting specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-bound. With these traits, goals can be made meaningful because you can strengthen your intention behind them.

Have a Clear Reason

We often tell people to think about why they began before they quit. It is quite a practical thought. At times, we forget our main reason when we begin our journey for a goal. This is natural because we have to overcome lots of hurdles and the real reason gets lost in the exhaustion and stress. The journey can tire us out; weakening our intention to reach the goal. Therefore, keep reminding yourself of the reason why you set a certain goal.

Reward Yourself

The journey to achieving a goal is not linear or smooth. Some goals can take years to accomplish. Therefore, split your goals into smaller portions. Set deadlines for you to achieve a certain part of it. When you are successful with a particular part, reward yourself for achieving it. This will motivate you to carry on with the journey despite the hurdles in your way. Moreover, it will keep your intention intact.

There is no point in setting goals if there is no meaning to them and you don’t intend to realize them. Life is, in fact, steps of various goals. It is a constant process; you get over with one goal and start on a new one. Therefore, if you keep delaying one, you will never feel truly motivated about the rest of them.

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Romina Tomas, Associate Certified Coach

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  1. Great reminder for setting goals with intention! Setting smart goals is super important cause it can help us stay motivated. My favorite part though is rewarding yourself – something I often forget. But today – thanks to reading this – I decided to take the afternoon off and reward myself with a little “me-time”! 🙂

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