5 Tips to Clear Up Your Work-Space to Increase Productivity

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when doing your office work and meeting deadlines? Most of us have experienced this and we find ourselves unable to focus.

One of the culprits that may be affecting your concentration at work may be your unclean desk. Whether you work in your home office or a professional environment, cleaning the work-space is as important as cleaning the house.

When you clean things up, clear off dust and arrange stuff, you will feel a certain mental peace. This same mental peace can be enjoyed if you declutter your work-space. A clean environment makes you feel at ease and promoted motivation for work.

Over time, your work-space will collect dust and papers no longer required. Apart from that, you may see spare clips, pens and other stationary items that are just scattered all over the place. The result is a disorganized work-space and mental tension that leaves you unable to work effectively.

Here are 5 tips on decluttering to free up space:

1. Sorting
Your first step for decluttering is to sort out what needs to be removed to trash, what can be recycled and stuff to be kept. Sorting is important because you don’t need to end up throwing away important work stuff. Take your time to manage the sorting carefully.

2. Filing
If you have lots of papers collected, you may want to sort them separately. Go through all of them to make sure you don’t throw away the ones you require. Papers that are no longer needed, you can take them to a recycle bin. For organizing the others, buy extra files and place them in an organized manner. You should label the files in order to keep track of what is what.

3. Stationery
Stationery is an essential part of the workspace. Make sure you have pen holders and other stationery organizers. If you love your things organized extremely neat, you can buy several to separate pens, pencils, and markers.

4. Use a Soft Board
Instead of having everything written down and scattered over your desk, install a soft board above your desk or in your office space. Pinup important papers and deadline reminders on the board. To add a bit of aesthetic to your environment, you can also decorate this soft board. Therefore, when you are tired, you will have something pretty to look at.

5. Keep it Regular
Instead of waiting months to perform your next decluttering, do it regularly. This way, you will never have to deal with lots of unwanted stuff piling up in your work-space. Moreover, remove dust from the pace regularly as well.

A clean working environment can lead to peace of mind. When you free up space, your mind will feel free as well. A clear mind helps you focus on your work and you will find yourself far more productive.

On the other hand, a clean work-space also shows your professionalism.

Free "Declutter Your Work-Space Worksheet" to help you free up your workspace so you can reduce the mental tension that leaves you unable to work effectively.

Check out my video below where I share with you why decluttering your workspace is important to increase productivity and reduce mental tension.  ↓


Romina Tomas, Associate Certified Coach

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  1. I cannot work when things are untidy around me! Decluttering feels like clearing up my mind that gives space for the ideas to flow. Sounds woo woo but it always works! 🙂

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